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The paintings on this page are snapshots taken of a few murals that I have created at two local famous sports bars in the Pittsburgh area, Primanti Brothers. It all started one day while I was attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A few friends and I had walked around downtown Pittsburgh for a quick bite to eat, when we walked into the Primantis Brothers located in Market Square. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that there was a mural that someone had started but did not finish, in fact there were only a few images painted on the wall. Being from Pittsburgh and playing sports my entire life, I had a bad feeling when I walked in and saw few images of Pittsburgh sports legend on the wall, and frankly was insulted at the painting.

I asked to speak to the manager and introduced myself, telling him that I was a local artist and a huge fan of the local sports legends and briefly explained to him what they meant to me growing up as a young impressionable athlete and artist. I told the manager that I thought the current painting was not serving its proper judgment on the local stars of the sports scene and offered to do a better job! I urged the manager to give me a shot at what this other artist could not finish. It seems that the owner had been secretly trying to find another artist to finish the job.

The owner told me that I could come in and draw one sports star and that after he saw what I did he would let me know if he wanted me to draw anymore. Naturally it was an easy choice for me. I choose the Great One, Roberto Clemente. Besides my Dad, Roberto was my other idol. Little did I know he was the owner’s favorite player as well. Being a huge baseball player in my own right, I modeled my baseball playing style after the Great One. I knew he was one of a kind, but I wanted to play just like him. Someone who took pride in everything he did, I needed to draw Roberto for sure. I needed to nail it!

The next day I came back to the unfinished wall. By the time I arrived, there was a busy lunch crowd, I was able to secure a few feet from the customers that where in the bar eating, drinking and heckling me at the same time. This was it, I was under the gun, patrons where suggesting to me what I should draw and who I should draw, who I should include and leave off of the wall! I relied on my own experience and memories of the players and the games that I remembered growing up as a Pirate, Steelers and Penguin fan! In the next few weeks while going to school and working, I managed to stop in at the bar a few hours a day for a few weeks, each time going back to paint, there would be the regular customers cheering me on and reminiscing with me their favorite heroes and their most memorable games. It was a fun and creative endeavor. I did such a great job on the mural at the Market Square location, the owner asked me if I would be interested in creating an even larger mural, almost 4 times the size for another brand new location that they where opening in North Versailles. I was happy to once again come through in the clutch. I tried to make each mural a little bit different than the other.

I think it’s about time to create another new mural!

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