designs by foush
I began drawing cartoons at a young age. I always liked to copy my favorite cartoons then tried to develop my own characters based on friends and family members.

As my talent evolved, I moved into creating cutting edge cartoons with an adult overtone to make people laugh. People loved my hilarious, highly detailed cartoons of friends and teachers. After returning home from college, I contacted the local newspaper and sold my cartoons as editorial cartoons. I created cartoons for the local media based on local stories and news happening in and around the tri-state area of South-Western Pennsylvania. I worked as a freelance cartoonist and quickly was noticed by the local residents when my cartoons hit the press.

I drew so many things that upset people that I was invited to share my thoughts and processed behind some of my cartoons on local radio shows. People wanted to ask me why I had drawn certain subjects. It was incredible how a few strokes of a pen could engage such a level of emotion. I also drew sports cartoons and editorials for the local professional sports teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.

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