designs by foush
I began drawing and sketching at a very early age. Like most children I drew all the time but for some reason it came very natural to me. I have always been able to capture the true essence of someone’s persona in a quick cartoon sketch.

I continued drawing and creating cartoons that reflected the world around me. I became a huge fan of Marvel Comics, MAD Magazine and Warner Brothers at a very early age and have always tried to master my favorite characters. I slowly began to develop my own style while still reaching different levels of creativity. As a child I would watch Steelers and Pirates games on television then create a cartoon of that game. I also have created published editorial cartoons as well as animated commercial cartoons.

I have been performing caricatures professionally for the past 15 years. I graduated from Francis Marion University in South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a minor in Business and Psychology while on a baseball scholarship as a center fielder. I later graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Animation and Multimedia Presentation.

"Live Drawing" Demo